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CrossFit Fossil Fuel uses weightlifting and mono-structural movements (cardio) to prepare you for life outside the gym.


At CrossFit Fossil Fuel, personal training is designed around your goals.


The CrossFit Fossil Fuel program is designed to be scalable to all individuals regardless of limitations.


With commitment and hard work you will achieve greater general fitness and a higher degree of athleticism.


CrossFit Fossil Fuel offers a strength and conditioning program developed for any individual at any age, skill level, or experience.

CrossFit Fossil Fuel

The premiere personal training and fitness provider in Ridgeland.

CrossFit Fossil Fuel programming is completely scalable to meet your own fitness and physical abilities, no matter your fitness background. We structure each workout session so that you don’t have to spend hours in a gym to reach your fitness goals. At CrossFit Fossil Fuel, we will teach you how to work, how to eat and how to be “well” so that your fitness potential rises to the top.  When you step into CrossFit Fossil Fuel, be prepared to be a part of a community that is positive, safe, supportive  and hard-working. From the first day you begin training at CrossFit Fossil Fuel, our coaching staff will build you up, helping you get stronger every day.